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Curly Kids Series - Keep it simple detangling

Detangling, a frustrating but a necessary part of the wash day and refresh process. I recommend parents detangle before washing. I know what you’re thinking: “You want me to detangle before we cleanse?!”. Yes, I do and for very good reasons. If your child’s hair is matted or severely tangled, once you start rubbing through the scalp and hair to cleanse, it may become more tangled and challenging to comb through in the bath or sink. This step will save you time and tears.

Please try to make it a habit to detangle on refresh days so the hair isn’t neglected (especially the hair in the back near the nape of the neck). Detangling on refresh days will remove any shedding that can cause tangling and make for quick wash day prep. It will also alleviate the need to cut any knots.

Also, please keep in mind this is A way, not THE way. There are many ways to set up a routine, this method works best for me in my salon and for the parents I coach. As always, do what works best for your family.


Tools needed ·Clips, My favorite are Framar Alligator Hair Clips, they are durable and can handle high density hair (a.k.a. a ton of hair). ·Towel to wrap around your child so their clothes don't get wet, not picky on what to use here. ·Spray mist water bottle (room temperature water). The mist water bottles are the best, the ultra fine mist gives a steady and continuous spray and saturates hair with water evenly. The only kind I use in my salon! ·Wide tooth comb for high density hair or a Wet Brush for low density hair.


Kinky-Curly Knot Today Detangling Spray

You can also mix 1 part leave-in conditioner to 2 parts water in your water bottle for a detangler


1. Go to a comfy spot and take whatever will keep your kiddo engaged (THANK YOU TABLETS!). 2. Wrap a towel around your child’s shoulders to prevent their clothing from getting wet.

3. Start in the back and section down the middle, you will have left and right-side partings. Pick a side and start at the bottom near the nape of the neck. Separate a 1- inch section of hair.

4. Spray the hair with your detangler and mist the hair with water if needed. If the hair is matted, saturate the section with detangler and leave it on for about 10 minutes before attempting to separate. This will allow the product to penetrate the hair. 5. Use your fingers first to lightly separate the hair. Using too much tension with a comb or brush at first, will result in more hair coming out and will be uncomfortable for your kiddo. 6. Once you have done your best with your hands, use the wide tooth comb or the Wet brush and begin at the bottom of the hair length. Gently comb/brush the hair starting at the ends, working your way to the roots. TIP! Grip the hair at the top of the section you are combing to prevent pulling too hard on your little one’s scalp. 7. Once the section is complete, you can make a 2-strand twist to separate and move on or leave as is and continue to pull down the next section and repeat. 8. You will use the same process on the front sections of the head.

Now your child's hair is prepped for cleansing and conditioning. On refresh days, use this process where needed. You can add a styler (gel or mousse) in those areas for the day. Next post in the curly kids series will be techniques for wash day. I purposefully broke up the sections so that you can focus on 1 part of the process, conquer it and move on to the next. You can do it care takers!

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