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Curly Kids Series - Styling+Drying

Styling The goal for a styling product is to choose one that will help your child’s curl set last a couple of days up to a full week. A water soluble gel is ideal, my favorite is Innersense Organic Beauty I Create Hold. The gel will create hold and lock in the moisture you add during a wash. You can add the styler in the bath/sink or you can have your child sit in a chair to apply styler after washing. I know many parents that only use a leave-in conditioner. That works, just keep in mind that the conditioner will not provide hold and definition, only softness.

1. After you’ve cleansed and conditioned, move to a comfy sitting area for your child or apply in sink or bath (I love the sink for this to keep hair wet). 2. Wrap the towel around their shoulders to prevent clothes from getting wet, if needed. 3. The hair may have started the drying process in the move from bath/sink to chair so have your mist water bottle ready. 4. Section the hair with your clips. Start with a 1 or 2 inch horizontal section in the back. Spray with water if necessary. 5. Add a quarter to half dollar sized dollop of gel to your hands and rub together (low density=less gel, higher density=more gel). 6. Add gel to a section of hair while wet, adding in a downward motion. If hair is wavy, you can scrunch the gel in to encourage the curl. Ensure all hair strands are coated with product. 7. If you decide to comb/brush the product through, make sure you use your hands to rake through after applying the gel to bring out your child’s natural curl pattern for medium to super tight curls. 8. If the sections in the front start drying, dampen the sections with your spray bottle. 9. Move onto the next section of hair and repeat. 10. Gently blot the hair with a towel/t-shirt to remove excess water. NEVER RUB with the towel as, this will create frizz.

Most kids will air dry their hair since they are little wiggle worms, I like this option as well. Parents can certainly diffuse if they want to encourage the curl or want it to dry faster.

*As an Amazon Associate and Innersense Organic Beauty affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.*

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