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Curious about clarifying?

"Should I clarify my hair?" This is a common question that comes through my salon. My answer, yes.

"When do I do it?" Occasionally the hair will need a detox to recharge your curls. Here are a few instances when you would want to clarify.

  • Starting your curly journey

  • Buildup or heaviness of products that have accumulated on the hair over time

  • If you feel a film of any kind on your hair

  • If hair product is not washing out of the hair easily

  • Hair is looking dull

  • Planning on doing a protein or conditioning treatment

  • Starting a new product regimen.

  • Hair is not acting like it normally does

There are other situations when it's best to clarify with a chelating shampoo (more intense clarifying cleanser), but that's for another day. Today, we're focusing mainly on product based buildup.

"How often?" My own experience is that I need to remove buildup every third week. I like to use hairspray on my waves, I only wash my hair twice a week and though I can't feel the buildup I like to start from scratch with super clean hair at least once a month. I advise my clients to detox once a month, but keep in mind every head of hair is different so time frame could vary depending on lifestyle, product usage and hair type. Every week is not recommended.

"Will it dry out my hair?" Not if done properly. If I have a client using a clarifying shampoo, I would definitely suggest using a deep conditioning mask as well to ensure hair is getting the proper moisture.

My new favorite product to use at my sink is the Innersense Organic Beauty Detox Mask. It's gentle enough to use without worrying about stripping natural oils. It uses charcoal, kaolin clay and organic white vinegar to remove buildup and you only have to leave it on for 3-5 minutes on wet hair. You will cleanse and condition as usual after. You can order it here.

Keep in mind...

This may not be a one and done situation. If you have been using products with heavy silicones, oils or butters, it may take more than one application over time to remove all buildup. THAT'S OK! Use water soluble products, spend time detoxing and be patient with yourself. It will be worth the wait.

Other Detox Favorites

Malibu-C Un-Doo-Goo Clarifying Shampoo

Innersense Organic Beauty Hydrating Mask (for after clarifying with a shampoo)

*As an Innersense Organic Beauty affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.*

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